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Camel-O-Shy in action
Camel-O-Shy in action
Give it a try, Camel-O-Shy! From Sketch to print
Give it a try, Camel-O-Shy! From Sketch to print
Mivifu and the Giant
Mivifu and the Giant

"A week with Camel-O-Shy"

Interactive bookreading in English

for children from nursery to primary school, including a diversity of material and acitvities to keep the children motivated and entertained for quite a different and unusual school lesson - by the same time we learn the days of the week, colours, shapes and body parts and sing and dance with Camel-O-Shy!


"Give it a try, Camel-O-Shy"

from sketch to print – the book making process

For primary and secondary level (up to Grade 6)
Takes about 50 minutes
For better presentation of the scetches smaller groups are recommended, approx. 20 students

"Mivifu and the Giant"

Well, MIVIFU (which stands for Multifunctional, Irresistible, Vibrant, Immensely Fearless and Unique Dragon) has a lot to do to keep the giant awake, who has to look after a crystal treasure. Because Giants sleep very deep, once they fall asleep, day in, day out, year in, year out, gigantically deep! We will help Mivifu so he is successfull! Well, at least we try...

For children from nursery to 1st grade, interactive and amusing storytelling within a school lesson for one group of about 20 children


For bookings abroad and more details please contact the Author:

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