About Sabine

Sabine Petra Moser is married, mother of three children and kindergarten-teacher with an additional degree in nature education. She works as an author and illustrator and lives in Wattens, Austria.

From 1999 to 2004 Sabine lived in Dubai / U.A.E., where she had the idea to write and draw a childrens book about a camel and so in 2003 she did her first book "A week with Camel-O-Shy". She presented the book to Mrs. Isobel Abulhoul in Dubai who was enthusiastic about the idea and published the book. At the same time, the book was translated into Arabic by her friend and interpreter Nahida Seifert.

Her second book "Give it a try, Camel-O-Shy" was published in 2004 and was followed by numerous kindergarten and school visits in Dubai and Sharjah. The direct contact to the children and their spontaneous reactions gave her additional motivation to pass Camel-O-Shy on to children back home in Austria.

She continued this in 2005 with the project "Camel-O-Shy - the bridge to the world" in Austria and has been attending elementary schools, preschools and libraries since then. In 2006 her third book "No problem, Camel-O-Shy" was published by Ebenwald Verlag. She also launched the German version of her 2nd book "1,2,3 Camel-O-Shy".

In addition to the books, a merchandisind line was set up, initially containing only one plush camel, comprising over 30 articles by now. In addition to the camel products, Sabine designed "Falcon-O-Sky"  a falcon and "Happy Kau" for the Austrian market.

Her home town Wattens and the Swarovski company with the Crystal Worlds there inspired Sabine to publish the book "Mivifu und der Riese" in  2011. The English version "Mivifu and the Giant"  was revised by Nikola Frantz. The first book readings then also took place in the Swarovski Crystal Worlds.

During her employment at the kindergarten in Wattens her daughter Rebecca took over the book readings and the marketing department. In 2017 Sabine went back to self-employment and works on new projects and ideas.

2019 we celebrate 15 YEARS OF CAMEL-O-SHY

Thank you for all the wonderful moments during all these years and last but not least: special thanks to my husband Gerhard, supporting me with all the extra office work and keeping up this extremely effort in all those years!



bookreading in Dubai/U.A.E.
bookreading in Dubai/U.A.E.
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